Under One Roof (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Expanded Edition)

Jack Curtis Dubowsky

Under One Roof (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Expanded Edition)

Under One Roof OST Expanded Edition

2002 Romcom directed by Todd Wilson
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Expanded Edition
Drops Friday June 7, 2024

Releases June 7, 2024 on all streaming

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  1. The Dream Is Always the Same — 0:33
  2. San Francisco Montage — 2:28
  3. Eyes Meet — 0:14
  4. Under One Roof House Music — 1:36
  5. Ex-Boyfriends Montage — 2:58
  6. Robert's Surprise Entrance — 0:13
  7. Your Secret Is Safe with Me — 1:30
  8. Robert Did Not Disappoint — 1:16
  9. Tony's Bedroom — 3:27
  10. Dance Lesson — 0:15
  11. "With Girls" — 0:12
  12. You Got the Charm — 1:59
  13. Under One Roof Alt Rock — 1:06
  14. Robert and Daniel Kiss — 1:52
  15. Cuff Links — 7:05
  16. Coin Store — 1:32
  17. Life Is Good Montage / Bathtub — 2:47
  18. Mooncakes — 1:26
  19. The Building Inspector — 0:17
  20. Microbridge — 0:49
  21. Fighting a Way of Life — 1:33
  22. Shirt Scene — 1:48
  23. Goodbye / Remembering Robert — 2:53
  24. I'm Just a Burden / Would a Second Son Be So Bad? — 4:38
  25. Robert Returns — 0:58
  26. Don't Hog All the Hot Water — 0:48
  27. Jade Necklace / Mom on Phone / Flash * — 0:19
  28. Under One Roof House Music Breakdown * — 1:36
  29. Fighting a Way of Life (No Jupiter 6) * — 1:31

* Previously unreleased


Music by Jack Curtis Dubowsky.
Composed, arranged, and produced by Jack Curtis Dubowsky.
Jack Curtis Dubowsky: Instruments, electronics, keyboards, piano, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass.


I met director Todd Wilson (1963-2005) in 2001. Todd previously directed a 1998 documentary, Rice & Potatoes. We both lived in the Castro neighborhood of San Francisco. Todd hired me to score his first narrative feature, Under One Roof (2002); it was the first feature I scored. Under One Roof was the first romcom to center an Asian-white gay male relationship. The film became a LGBTQ festival hit, was picked up by TLA DVD distribution, and sold over 20,000 copies. Under One Roof won awards including "Best Foreign Film" from Mix Brasil and "Special Recognition of a Score" from the Long Island Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.

Todd had a strong, unique vision. Todd believed much of queer cinema suffered from deficiencies such as overall negativity, downer endings, and lack of emotional and physical payoff. Todd infused his films with positive likable characters, happy endings, and emotional and titillating payoffs.

Most of these tracks were recorded in October, November, and December 2001. I moved to NYC in late December 2001. Todd made some final revisions to the film. The "Ex-Boyfriends Montage" was recorded in March 2002 (based on the "San Francisco Montage" cue); Todd inserted this lighthearted montage to punch up the comedy.

A limited, promotional, 2002 CD-R release contained the first 26 tracks here. This 2024 Expanded Edition repairs an abrupt cut-off (the tail of 13 on the CD-R) and includes three new tracks. 27 has three "stings" used in the film but not included on the CD-R. 28 is a breakdown version of the house music. 29 is an alternate mix of "Fighting a Way of Life" that Todd requested that doesn't have the "shooting stars" sound played on my Jupiter 6 synthesizer.

This soundtrack is all me. There's acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and sampled guitar; there's all sorts of keyboards and my tricked-out E-6400 Emulator and Proteus Orchestral module. I think there's some TR-808 on it, and maybe even a little JX-3P in addition to the Jupiter 6. It was sequenced and recorded in Logic. There's a really good "Alembic Bass" sample. I panned stereo piano samples to center mono to create more of a "point source" classical type of piano sound, rather than the hyped pop piano sample sound. I panned things fairly hard left and right in order to create center space for the Dialogue track. I played with timing to make things sound more "natural;" there are spots where the timing is intentionally quite loose, in an effort to make it sound less sequenced and more "real."


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